Read the Constitution.

Here it is;
United States Constitution

Read the Bill Of Rights.

Here they are;
courtesy of The National Archives

Feb. 10, '23;

Here's where you live:

A country where the mexican cartels dictate your border policy.
A country where the government allows enemies of the country entry and access, allows them to poison its citizens, gives them arms, sells its land to them, and abandons its own citizens behind enemy lines.
One in which its children are taught in their public schools to question their sex, and to hate those of other skin colors.
One in which the government colludes with business to censor free speech.
One in which crime is condoned, law enforcement is suppressed, and the well-off hire private security details to protect themselves.
One in which its leaders tell the citizens to consume and pollute less while they themselves consume and pollute more.
One in which men are allowed to call themselves women and to expose themselves in women's locker rooms.

In 2024 vote Republican, regardless of the candidate, or vote to continue the destruction of America.

Ronald Reagan said that fascism will arrive in the guise of liberalism.

The leftist woke state is working full-speed-ahead to take your car from you.

High gas prices, gas taxes, mileage tax, mass transit with high-density housing without parking, unkept roads, gas car moritorium, it's all designrd to send you to work on the trolley and to satisfy the green devolution which Sacramento is forcing on Calfornians.
You EV owners, just hope you'll see some new power stations soon because the state doesn't even have enough juice to run the things now, never mind what it'll be like in 5 or 10 years.

DO NOT vote Democrat on any California state or local ticket,

from Governor to Dog Catcher. Save the state in case it's not too late.
Aug. 10;

The left is afraid of Donald Trump

They have no morals and no limits to their persecution of him. The degree of their persecution is equal to the degree of their fear.

Trump is for America and against the Washington swamp.

Vote Republican, vote Donald Trump.

Impeach Biden now.

July 4;

Democrats; here's your playbook;

We want abortions.
We want our gradeschoolers to be transsexuals.
We want our borders open to anyone who wants to enter our country.
We're fine with providing Mexican cartels with a multi-billion dollar business and...
We're fine with the continual immigrant deaths and...
We're fine with having another 80,000 to 100.000 American fentanyl deaths this year.
We hate President Trump.
We're for $6.00+/gal. gas and $5.00/gal. milk.
We're for letting criminals go free for their crimes.
We're for selling our farmlands to China.
We're for dissolving the Supreme Court.
We're for leaving hundreds of Americans and $80,000,000,000 worth of armaments in the hands of the Taliban in Afghanistan.
We're fine with destroying our oil industry and then begging our adversaries for oil.

Nothing like moving the country forward. It doesn't matter which party you think you are, you have a chance to save the country.
Vote Republican, that's just "code" for bringing your country back from the road to national oblivion. Parties don't matter, policies do.

Impeach Biden now

Our southern border is an ongoing crime scene supported by Biden and his progressive socialist government. He is directly responsible for a multi-billion dollar Mexican cartel industry, the deaths of literally tens of thousands of Americans due to cartel fentanyl, the innumerable deaths of immigrants at the hands of the cartels (53 yesterday), the degradation of the human trafficking industry, and numerous and ongoing murders of Americans by illegal aliens just for starters. Biden directly supports these conditions by keeping the border open and un-enforced. Impeach Biden now, he won't pass a cognitive test and he's betraying the nation at every turn. There's not a decision he's made which hasn't hurt us. No one in good conscience can vote for a Democrat at this point of crisis in our history. How much more obvious do things have to get? Take down the current regime;

Impeach Biden now.

Never mind America, dwindling supplies, increasing inflation...

June 7;
We need solar panels, everyone knows that, right? That should fix America's problems for good. So let's not make 'em here, it's so messy. Not to mention that if we employ Americans then it might help our economy and our citizen's lives, so
(click here >>>>>>>>>>>>>) Let's Pay Other Countries To Do It! courtesy Reuters.com

Impeach Biden now, vote Republican Trump-endorsed candidates.

May 12;

America LAST;
Biden sends out crack smoking kits to drug users, then buys up all the baby formula to give to illegal aliens.

Washington Free Beacon crackpipe info.
Here's NPR saying what a lot of people are saying about formula,
but instead,(courtesy Washington Times) Biden's giving our children's baby formula stocks to illegal aliens.
Meanwhile, the CEO of Abbott Pharma can't get their phone call to the FDA returned to get their inspectors back out to the plant to OK resuming of formula production; utter Federal failure.

Biden permits the purchase of Russian oil

Fb. 28; While Putin invades and destroys Ukraine, Biden is paying (today's rate of) $101/barrel to Putin for Russian oil, paying for Putin's war, while stopping us from pumping own own, and at the same time sending Ukraine $350,000,000 for defence against Russia. There's no missing factor here, this is simple. Biden is making us support Putin's agression because of Biden's overseer's radical faux-green insanity.

Impeach Biden now.

Feb. 11;

DOJ REPORT; Clinton spied on Trump

Dept. of Justice released this report on Friday, Feb. 11. None of the complicit news agancies have reported this because it's bad news for the left. This if flat-out propagandistic intentional mis-information-by-ommission by NBC, CBS, ABC, and CNN, just to name the biggest culprits. I've searched each of their sites; "nothing to see here folks, keep moving along now". Keep this on mind the next time you think you're getting the truth from these guys. Fox and Newsmax have carried it, here's a good synopsis courtesy of Fox News;

Clinton spied on White House
And here's an article from Thinkcivics.com:
Biden lying about Americans in Afghanistan
Feb. 10;

Don't Believe the Democrats!;

Here's what's coming from the "Democrats", the left/the woke: as the '22 election now approaches, they'll start changing their tune to espouse popular positions. They'll stop saying what they really intend because they've seen how unpopular those things are. Don't Believe Them! They're just trying to minimize their losses in the election. Don't Believe Them! They don't care about you, the American people, they just want to keep power. They're the party who gave us inflation, energy dependency, mass unvaccinated/unvetted/illegal immigration by the millions, Americans trapped behind enemy lines overseas, human trafficing, drug trafficing and overdose deaths, among other things.

They'll say whatever they think that you want to hear. They'll blame on Republicans all of the destruction to our country which they themselves have wrought. And when the eletion comes, they'll try to employ the same fraudulent voting practices which they used to steal the last election.
(Voters in the United States must identify themselves, only American citizens may vote in the United States).,

They'll say all the right things and they'll lie through their teeth, ready to resume destroying the country once they're reinstated. Don't Believe Them! Don't vote them in AGAIN! Feb. 8;

Unfortunately, here's what's coming;

The current reign is going to legitimize and conduct official suppression of free speech. This is going to be like what happens today in Cuba or China. You're seeing and hearing the introduction of the accusation of "misinformation" by governmental agencies and by the government's lackey media and electronic media enities. Democrat legislation has begun, "Misinformation" will be formalized as a crime and those who speak out against the regime will be prosecuted. That is how the 1st amendment will be destroyed. The left is engaged in a concerted effort to destroy the Constitution because citizen's rights interfere with fascism and communism. For the left's purposes, rights must be eliminated. Official information will be the only information allowed. Read 1984 by George Orwell. Dept. Homeland Security - antigovernment speech. Wasahington State - Gov. Inslee Feb. 1;

The communists in the current government whom you're listening to tell you what to do, and who are taking away your livelyhoods, and diminishing your citizenship and right(s) to live;
are all rich! They're all Capitalists!

AOC, Gavin Gruesome, Creaky Joe Biden, Bernie Sanders, Nancy Smellosi, etc. etc. etc., make all their money off of their position and ensuant connections, and all at our expense!
Tell them all to F___ Off Now, and vote 'em out in 2022!

"Come on, man!"

Time for some new Republican representatives;

Here is the list of House of Representatives Republicans who voted for Biden's "infrastructure" bill, listed by state so that you can find your vote-out target;

Alaska; Don Young
Illinois; Adam Kinzinger
Michigan; Fred Upton
Nebraska; Don Bacon
New Jersey; Chris Smith
New Jersey; Jeff Van Drew
New York; Anthony Garbarino
New York; John Katko
New York; Nicole Malliotakis
New York; Tom Reed
Ohio; Anthony Gonzalez
Pennsylvania; Brian Fitzpatrick
West Virginia; David McKinley

They took their roads and bridges money back to their constituents, and foisted over $600,000,000,000.00 in social re-engineering programs on all of America; thanks.

Nov. 1 '21

America is losing $160,000,000 A DAY in not producing oil

Not to mention losses in employment, high gas prices, reliance on OPEC. decreased national security. Oct. 29 '21

And how are the radical left getting rid of our police (remember "Defund the police")?...

By forcing a vaccine mandate on municipal employees. Who benefits from this? The Marxist government now in Washington. Who suffers from this? We The People. Joe doesn't care one ____ about the American people. He's just throwing Americans' safety out the window. People will die directly because of his action, and of course your television news programs will never tell you about the increase in homicides, the increase in medical and accidental deaths. Good luck America, here's hoping that you're lucky enough to live 'til the '22 elections.

Oct. 26 '21

LIAR JOE! Bring our Americans home!

The Biden cabal is secretly communicating RIGHT NOW with almost 400 Americans whom they left behind.
"If there are American citizens left, we're going to stay until we get them all out".
The cabal hides this and attempts to distract us with vaccine mandates, social reform, and budget negotiations.
Don't buy it, hold them accountable for this national travesty.
Here's the story, courtesy thinkcivics.com

Oct. 22 '21

Joe spends $455,000 of YOUR money on a fence for HIS $2.1M beach house...

but put a stop to finishing YOUR fence..

Which way do you go:

Biden chokes off Chinavirus medicines to certain states.

Here's the story, courtesy Miami Herald

Sept. 24, 28; Americans are STILL there in Afghanistan.
Oct. 25; about 360 of them, still there.

Biden has left our citizens and valued Afghan allies behind. They're still there and reportedly are being persecuted, tortured, and killed.
Do not listen to Biden's litany of distractions about the border, vaccinations, economy. He's trying to dodge his culpability and failure. Joe Biden is a traitor, an imposter, and shames the word "President". At the least; impeach him NOW.

Here's the theory on Biden's Afghanistan disaster culpability:

What country 1. do the Bidens owe alot of money to,
and 2. wants America out of Afghanistan?

Sept. 3, '21

The deal must have been galling in a way; having to do something that President Trump planned (like he and all of his administration taking Trump's vaccine!) when we all know good and well how much Joe HATES to agree with President Trump on anything, dang it all to hell! Oh well, there were bigger fish to fry.

He planned the withdrawl and collapse ahead of time, he told Ghani that it was time to go and take the army with him, Ghani & the army got the hell out.

A finite exit date, no American presence, clearing away the Afghan army, and donating all the American armaments were part of the deal on the Taliban side.
Not shooting down the planes as they left the airport and forgiveness of the Bank of China's billion+ dollar "investment" in Hunter's company were parts of the deal on the Biden side.
Keeping their embassy and investments in Afghanistan for the copious rare earth mining rights and general regional influence was part of the deal on the Chinese side.

Why on July 23 did Biden warn Ghani to "project a different picture" of their army's ability to maintain control of the country? He knew then that they wouldn't but he didn't want a panic. He lied to the American people that he didn't know what was going to happen. Ghani's and the army's disappearance was part of the deal.

I really don't know at this point the extent of what Joe got out of this deal, but it had nothing to do with America's interests, that's way more than obvious. He's already impeachable based on his phone call with Ghani, and the Trump impeachment was the legal precedent for that. That doesn't address the treason however, I think that's more of a firing squad issue.

Impeach Biden Now.
Before he creates any further disasters for America.
August 18 '21
This is our country, how far will we let it sink?

Chalk up another disaster for the Socialist administration,
Afghanistan, under Surrenderer-in-Chief Biden.

He pulled out the military BEFORE pulling out our American civilians.
He's flying in to America UNVETTED men from Afghanistan by the planeload and putting them up here; bad idea. These illiegal immigrants will destroy our culture, mark my words. How many are Taliban? Al Qaeda? ISIS? They're part of the Socialist's plan to destroy America.
99% of all Afghanis believe that Sharia should be the law of the land, and we're bringing them here en masse.
He gave $80,000,000,000 in helicopters, planes, trucks, weapons, intelligence tech, personal armor and ammo to the Taliban, enough to arm a small, backwards, middle-eastern country. They now have the world's best military equipment.
26,000 evacuees as of Aug. 24, only 17% Americans, the rest Afghanis.
State Dept. expecting not to be able to evacuate all Americans.
Update Sept.2:
Biden kept his promise to the Taliban to be out by Aug. 31, the remaining Americans including some 30 school children; oh well.
As long as he keeps his promise to the Taliban, the stranded Americans don't matter.
American armaments now being moved from Afghanistan to Iran. China in line to reverse-engineer our most advanced field armament technologies.
Biden answers no questions at press conf's, nat'l media says not a word about his confused statements. Click video below.

Way to go "President" Dufus;

"Here Vlad, here's the list of our 16 most sensitive cyber-targets. Don't mess with these becaause these could cause us some real problems, so laave these ones alone. The other ones are ok though, but not these 16 PRIORITY TARGETS!, so stay away from those."

"No Americans who want to leave will be left behind!"

May 13;
This guy's clearly out of it. He's told what to do and not do. He can't really think too well on his own. It's really a case of elder abuse, or animal cruelty, like John Cox using Tag the bear in his campaiagn for Ca. Governor. Well PETA is there for Tag, who's there for Joe? Meanwhile he sputters on until they eventually give him the hook, and he even knows that it's coming. He's not doing anything about anything because he's not really president, he's just a washed-up, dried-out old man. It's his superiors who are making the decisions, and they're equally incompetent.
Video and Sean Hannity courtesy of Fox News

Let your wallet do the talking;

April 12;
This site will help you with that___________________________boycott.html

Wokespeak Dictionary



Inclusion Exclusion
Equity Racism, political expediency
Racist White
Racist Anyone with whom one disagrees
Reparations Welfare, Control
Defund police Black-targeting
misinformation codeword to justify censorship

Georgia SB202;"Election Integrity Act of 2021" .

Here it is. Read it. I did. Until you do, you don't get to have an opinion on it and you certainly don't get to agree with all of the current roster of dumb-ass woke folk who obviously haven't read it either, unless you want to count yourself in with them. Social liberalism is the contemporary version of Keeping Up With The Joneses, where it's easier to agree with your supposed peers than it is to think for yourself. We're all dumb-asses from time to time, but we really should do our best to curtail it when it comes to harm caused to others because of it, a concept seemingly elusive to wokaholics.

p.69, section 31, sub-section (a) re/ poll hours. .

Date; April 3;
First, let me say that you, me and the entire population of America and the world in general are being lied to every day by the guy in the White House, by the Federal government and the socialists now therein esconsed, and most recently by the corporate clowns leading organizations such as Delta Airlines, Coke, and Major League Baseball, Home Depot, UPS and others.
This SB202 issue is the most recent example of daily leftist misinformation (as of this particular moment). Click on the bill's title above and read it. Spend an hour to learn the truth. This bill is about validating votes. See anything about racism or voter suppression? Do you think that it could be advantageous to suppress the vote of any particular demographic group? Why would a state want to suppress the vote? Do you want fraudulent voting? Where in this bill do you see implication of voter suppression?
We're being lied to every day. Do your research, learn the truth.
Sub-section (a) is referred to in the bill's text but not provided, I've provided a link, above.

Biden now importing Chinavirus into America from Mexico

March 3;
Biden has told the world "America opens its southern border to everyone". People are coming in with Chinavirus and spreading out into our cities. They don't wear masks and they're being housed in crowded shipping containers and being bussed out in crowded busses to our cities. Over 100 aliens WITH Chinavirus were released freely into the country. Joe Biden destroyed our immigration system just to get some new voter candidates once he gives illegal aliens the right to vote. He's now created the next resurgence of Chinavirus in America. How many times must it be said that without borders you have no country. How bad will it have to get before you stop voting for the woke, liberal, leftist, socialists? We have (maybe, as they're rigging the voting laws as we speak) one more chance to get it right, in 2022.

How many hundreds of thousands of illegal aliens are ok to invite in? What's your number? Will they enhance your life?

No English, no understanding of our laws, no background checks; chinavirus cases being brought into our country, human trafficking, gangs and drugs being walked across, caught and released into the country.

How long will you wait for Dr. Fauci to give you permission to send your children to school?.

Now many homeless citizens should be displaced from shelters to make room for putting up illegal aliens? What's YOUR number?

How long will you allow our Capitol to be walled in while our country's borders are peeled open?

How many dollars will you give to foreign countries, failed states, and socialist campaign contributors for every dollar actually given to Americans for chinavirus relief, whats your number?

How many jobs will you allow the Socialist government to destroy while simultaneously weakening our nation, What's your number?

Will you vote for more of the same in 2022, or will you get the clue.

Hey American taxpayers; the Socialist Party needs your money...

Here's your 1.9 TRILLION DOLLAR C.A.R.E.S. Act (CARES for everyone but Americans);

$350 Billion to state governments, including the badly-managed ones.
$1.5 Million for a bridge from New York to Canada.
$100 Million for an underground rail project in Silicon Valley.
Billions for social justice issues and green energy initiatives.
loan guarantees for Planned Parenthood.
$1 Billion for "racial justice' for farmers.
$50 million for 'Enviornmental Justice" grants.
$112 Million for California ttransit projects.
$750 Million for "Global Health".
Expansion of Obamacare subsidies.
Nearly $500 Million or arts, humanities, libraries, museums, and native american language preservtion.
$30 Billion in grants to higher education.

Oh yeah; and about $190 Billion for Chinavirus relief payments to Americans and illegal aliens, that's about 10% of the C.A.R.E.S. Act heist.

Stay tuned for the separate, unrelated $2 Trillion Dollar green energy bill being prepped for ramming through congress.
I hope they print the money in high denominations, more convenient and less clutter, PLUS, with the ensuing inflation we'll all be using the bigger denominations for everything. Feb. 16 '21

The Socialist Party is taking your life away.

They're taking your jobs.
They're giving away your security.
They're keeping your children from going to school.
They're destroying your freedom of speech.
They're giving your tax dollars by the billions to other countries, just GIVING it away.
They're doing business with countries who are out to defeat us, TO THEIR BENEFIT.
The squatter in the White House lies, then contradicts himself with other lies.
The job of Congress has become that of political persecution, and that of the Executive branch to govern by decree at the dictate of leftist, union, and corporate interests, while the supposed president likes to go to bed early and have fires in the White House.
They're returning us to energy dependence on the middle east oil producers and forcing Canada to sell their oil to China, brilliant.
They fence off their buildings and make you pay for thousands of troops for their protection, but open the fencing of your borders to anyone who wants to walk in,
They teach your children racist, socialist, and athiest beliefs in your schools.
They teach racism to the entire American society by calling everyone a racist and then they play Americans against one another by trying to convince us that we hate each other because of our colors.
They sow division, because division allows control.

The only way out of these and other upcoming travesties is to destroy the Socialist's pawer by voting Republican, right down the line, every held office, every election. Date; Feb. 13;

Biden dumps unlimited illegal aliens into Texas.

He's opened up Texas' borders to unfettered illegal alien influx. The plan; raise the state's population, give the illegals the vote, turn Texas' vote Socialist.
Those who want to come here and be supported by the government will be right over! The cost; more Chinavirus, crime, drugs, gangs, human trafficing, lower wages, increased unemployment. Texas turns from an American state to a Mexican one. Instead of keeping up American standards for its citizenry by making immigrants become American citizens by the American Naturalization process, we import Mexican citizenry intact. Anyone here want to make part of Mexico into an American state by allowing it to be here without raising it's stature to ours. You who say "yes" may now go find a Mexican resident and trade homes with them. Get out. I don't want you here, you're hurting my country. Date; Feb. 13;

Hunter Biden update

On day one of Joe's squat in the White House, he installed as head of DOJ's Criminal Division the law partner of his son's defense lawyer. That makes total sense if you're a Biden, and should make Hunt breathe a little easier. Hunt still holds a 10% share of BHR, a Chinese private equity firm, making the son a easy and convenient bargaining chip for President Xi Jinping.

And speaking of that...

Joke Biden before the election:
"No one in my family will have an office in the White House, will sit in on meetings as if they were a cabinet member, will, in fact, have any business relationship with anyone that relates to a foreign corporation of a foreign country. Period. Period. End of story."

Joe Biden after the election:
"My son, my family will not be involved in any business, any enterprise, that is in conflict with or appears to be in conflict, with the appropriate distance from, the presidency and government."

Being the sad liar (or maybe just forgetful) that he is, this is his standard fare. There are plenty of other examples unfortunately, but I'm out of time for now.

Illegal immigrants invited in with NO Chinavirus testing:

Why is Joe so intent on opening the southern border to completely unregulated mass illegal immigration? There's a pandemic. There's mass pandemic-related unemployment among American citizens.National security is being completely ignored, and that's contrary to the presidential oath. Why are we paying to board aliens in hotels? Shouldn't American citizens be given for free all the stuff that Joke wants to give illegal immigrants? Why do they deserve better treatment than citizens. free education, free houseing, food, medical care? Why are people from a heavily-infected part of the world invited in un-quarantined, yet Joe put a travel moratorium on various European countries? Do you believe in having a country? Countries require borders. No other countries treat their borders, or their citizens, this way.

We tried to elect a president but got this instead;


Boycott supression of free speech

Bed Bath & Beyond, Kohls, HEB Stores, Wayfair, Today's Shopping Choice channel, have all dropped selling Mike Lindells's products since he expressed that the election was fraudulent. This is the direct banning of free speech as guaranteed by the Constitution.
Do not buy from these companies.

Joe Biden; impoverishing America since 2021

Here's the plan; destroy private enterprise and replace it with state control and service provision. Firing people from their jobs puts them on state welfare where they now get the money the government wants, get the food the government wants, gets the healthcare the government wants, and are buried where the government wants. Joke is destroyingg employment literally every day. I'm not hearing alot of announcement from Joke about the jobs he's bringing to America, are you? I'm hearing John Kerry telling laid-off workers to go find another job. I'm hearing Joe close industries which support whole towns. I'm hearing executive orders which move work out of America and send it to other countries. All this when the country needs help, it's getting destruction. We're in a pandemic and have high unemployment, Biden is killing jobs and allowing un-tested foreigners to freely walk across our borders and receive free benefits which our own citizens are denied. What kind of insanity is this? Socialism. t
Letting boys compete against girls in sports. "Any school that receives federal funding-including nearly every public high school-must either allow biological boys who self-identify as girls onto girls sports teams or face administrative action from the Education Department." Source; https://www.wsj.com/articles/joe-bidens-first-day-began-the-end-of-girls-sports-11611341066

Expansion of Supreme Court and two new states now under weigh.

As expected and promised. Haven't had time to put together info yet.

TSA revoking travel passes to past Trump officials.

Haven't had time to put together info yet. Per Biden's 'Executive Order on Protecting Public Health and the Environment and Restoring Science to Tackle the Climate Crisis' (I'd say he wrote that one himself!)

Joke revokes the protection of our power grid from foreign incursion.

Brilliant, Joke, what limited thinking. "I must undo everything which Trump did". What a moron this guy is. Instead of removing protections while you study them, maybe it's a better idea to LEAVE THEM IN PLACE! He has to do it because he owes China alot of favors. What complete small-time, beholdin'-to-your-bosses, political poop this is, and again with America as the loser in the deal. With Joke, America is the loser in all deals because, once again, his policy is "America Last".
See the following article for an overview of the subject, courtesy of tdworld.com;
https://www.tdworld.com/overhead-transmission/article/21153022/biden-suspends-trumps-bulkpower-system-executive-order-for-90-days Date;

Stopping the border wall

Without borders there is no country. Joe has stopped completion of the border wall. In New Mexico, he stopped construction with 1/2 mile to go, throwing away all the work that was done to provide safety for New Mexicans and for Americans. Drugs, human trafficing, undesireable aliens, sick people, they're all allowed in now, at will. And then Joe loads 'em onto planes and secretly flies 'em in the dead of night into cities all accros the country and drops 'em off.
America Last, (dis)courtesy of Joe Biden.

Revoking limits on insulin prices.

Who here thinks that Joe is in office to serve the people of America? Jan. 23;

Destroying livelyhoods

Thanks again Joke for putting around 11,000 well-paid pipeline workers out of work, Certainly all of you union members are on board with that, right? Oh and did I mention how that should facilitate Joke's message of unification? By unifying America in throwing this idiot out of Washington ASAP. We know of course who will probably succeed Joe when he's "relieved" and that's no comforting prospect, but that was designed in from the get-go and is now probably inevitable. This was one harsh learning curve for America, which hopefully will have included learning to be more careful about who you vote for. Jan. 23 '21;

"Bad Joke" Biden refutes immigration laws.

Incredibly, said Usurper-in-Cheat has ordered I.C.E. to stop deporting illegal aliens. This includes a variety of criminal, repeat violent offenders who are now under federal protection and kept free, on the streets of YOUR country, YOUR neighborhoods. Whether they're gang members or not makes little difference to families who have lost their loved ones to killers who should never have been here in the first place, and whom President Trump had prioritized for deportation. We wish good luck to the State of Texas in bringing a lawsuit against Joke for this national offense.
Thanks alot Jo(k)e. Date; Jan. 22

Do not support the Left.

The current federal government does not support or prioritize Anerica or Americans, but perfectly the opposite.
The leftist media censors news and public communication. Do not use the leftist social media platforms.
Know that when you look at leftist news and other programming that you're being lied to.
Consider these candidates for exclusion from your investment portfolio;
Speaking of which, search "Conservative right-wing investments" to find investment opportunities which align with your ethics. Date;Jan 21

And speaking of riots....

Was President Trump responsible for all the riots by Antifa and BLM all summer long in America's major cities? And why were National Guard troops stopped from protecting the cities by their socialist democratic mayors? And is President Trump responsible for tonight's riots in Portland, Denver, and Seattle which are shouting "fuck Biden? Where's the National Guard for those riots? They're sitting around the Capitol Building doing nothing, 5,000 strong. Why? To show that Pelosi is ready to suppress anything that she doesn't like. More troops in our capitol than we have in Iraq Afghanistan and Syria.
The military, to be used for the benefit of the left, never to be used by the right or for the protection of civilian business against anarchic rioters. . Date; Jan. 21;

America Last

White House Usurper-In-Cheat Joe dealt blows to American energy independence and our safety in his first illigitimate day in office, read his list of "orders" in this CNN page;
Illegals before citizens
Blocking deportation of criminals, counting wetbacks as voters, choosing energy dependence on the middle east while killing eleven thousand American jobs JUST ON THE PIPELINE, inviting immigrants from known terrorist countries and trafficing them into America; this is America LAST, the Biden dogma.Ask any LEGAL immigrant who has done the work to become an American what they think of this, ask 'em. Ask any war vet who gave some of their lives for us to have the America which they fought for what they think, ask 'em. Why does old Joe think that illegals and insurgents are more deserving of our country's assets than our citizens? Because he's long gone down the path of political success over ethics, which he has none of.

America Last

Your Tax Dollars at Work.

Inauguration Day, 2021
Just another day's work, Biden-style. Click the pic to hear this dolt bragging about paying off government officials to get his son (and himsef) out of trouble. This shows his respect for Ukraine.


Whether we've chosen to align ourselves with the Democratic party or the Republican, our priority is to be Americans and support the values which gave us and ours the wonderful lives which we have, better than that of any other nation on earth. The Democratic party is not what it used to be.Your allegience to America has to supercede your allegience to a political party, especially if that party has turned against your true personal values. If your values are freedom, morality, honesty and compassion and you're a Democrat then it's time to take a real deep look at where your party is headed. The Democratic party is now on an authoritarian, Socialist track which rejects those values in favor of putting Americans in line to facilitate government socialist policies and big corporate financial interests. Here's why;
America is a capitalist system, and there's no one better at it, we've been developing that system for over 250 years. China in the 40s and 50s adopted Communism but has seen how successful America has been. China has studied America's playbook, adopted it and is competing with us at our own game. American and Chinese business interests want to trade with one another to make money - that's capitalism for 'ya - but China wants to win and dominate us. The Democrats and big business are working together to make money and want to manage the American people to get in line, not to make life better for Americans. Chinese labor and goods are cheaper so Americans are dumped in favor of Chinese labor and goods. The 1st Amendment is being destroyed to suppress American's objections. The 2nd Amendment is being destroyed because our new socialist government doesn't want citizens having any power.
The sports and entertainment industries with their billions of dollars in revenues support China to make money, and the new socialist democratic party helps them..
The social media industry is on board for the same reason. These companies don't care about the freedom of America as long as they make their money. Their part in the socialist conspiracy is to subvert America's conversation and destroy Donald Trump because Trump stands for the well-being of America and is a direct threat to the socialist's agenda. The left is afraid of Trump and what he stands for. They realize that if America is allowed to see what is really happening that their game is through. All the ridiculous suppression of Trump is an obvious testament to their fear of him.

Georgia Representative Taylor Greene filed articles of impeachment on Joe Biden.

The left is trying to impeach President Trump for insurrection. Last week there were riots at and in the Capitol building. This week there are demonstrations expected at federal and state buildings. The president has come out asking for calm and for no violence or vandalism. If there is violence or vandalism it won't be the president doing it and it won't be the president's fault, it will be done by the American people. And the persons who invaded the capitol last week were not the president, they were the American people. Right or wrong, it was the people and how they chose to express themselves. One might think initially that this was unamerican behavior but think again. This is how this country was founded, with the American Revolution. That was the American people, taking action to overthrow their oppressors. Their leaders then began the country we have and concieved a framework, the Constitution, to guide us. We have the only country to have such a framework. If we don't follow that framework then we'll be back to square one after 250 or so years. Square one is revolution, That's how we do it in America, as may be necessary. That's what we're seeing the beginnings of. That's what we saw at The Capitol building on Jan 6, 2021. Happy New Year.

As regards this current socialist impeachment sham, the President said and did ablosutely nothing to incite violence and this move is purely a weak, transparent political offense to America about which the perpetrators should be ashamed. It has so many damaging ramifications that I don't even have the time right now to begin to address them. I will say however that it is a "Democratic" conspiracy to wrongfully overthrow a Unite States President for purely political and self-serving reasons.

Here are the Republican Assemblypersons who voted to impeach President Trump;
Liz Cheney - Wyoming
Anthony Gonzalez - Ohio
Jamie Herrera Beutler - Washington
John Katko - New York
Adam Kinzinger - Illinois
Peter Meijer - Michigan
Dan Newhouse - Washington
Tom Rice - South Carolina
Fred Upton - Michigan
David Valadao - California

Here are the Republican Senators who voted not to dismiss the impeachment; Mitt Romney - Utah
Ben Sasse - Nebraska
Susan Collins - Maine
Lisa Murkowski - Alaska
Pat Toomey - Pennsylvania

These people need to be replaced.

Date; Jan 14. '21
Trump's right not to go to the inaguration. If the incoming electee were honorable then The Donald would be there, but he's not. Every other President has been elected based on their merits. Biden's not there on his merits, he's there because he performed a function for the Socialist party; an old familiar safe comfortable politician for the "democrat" voters to feel ok about.

2021; The year that the socialists discovered outrage over rioters.

Where were they all summer long when BLM and their bro's tore up America's major cities?

2020; The year that the socialists used China Virus to put the population under control.

(and cheat the president out of his re-election).

The socialists are now in control

and the first thing they're doing, like any good invading force, is to cut off the enemy's communications. Facebook and Twitter are now shutting off conservative accounts. Apple and Android phone downloads of Parler on The App Store and Google Play have been removed. Socialism is now here. Hide your guns, pull your money out of banks and bury it. The Socialists will come for them. All conservative communications will be obliterated by the brown shirts now known as Big Tech as fast as they can. Go to Clouthub.com, the current opportunity to communicate.
Conservatives need to drop Twitter and Facebook, stop buying on Amazon as it's a socialist-funding company. Buy instead on ebay or direct from real small businesses where your money goes directly to real people. Power needs to be created by sheer numbers of people unifying in action to resist socialist rule. Real behavioral change will have to be made, you can't just talk about it. Voting will probably be useless due to the corruption now rampant as per this past presidential election. Some other way of placing conservative representatives into government will have to be found, if that'll even be of any benefit.
Do not buy books published by Simon & Schuster, they refuse to publish books by conservative writers.
Vote with your wallet; divest of any investments in socialist-backing corporations.
Make every effort to stop supporting China's economy over our own. The newly installed socialists will support China's interests, we must counter that as much as possible.

Ridiculous "COVID RELIEF" bill.

Dec. 22;
2.3 Trillion dollars. 1.4 trillion for the gov't's operating budget through September, the remaining 900 billion for Chinavirus relief. And how much will you get? Well, if you're one of the core working citizens of America, you may get 600 dollars.
Yes, 600 dollars. What's that going to do for you? pay a 1/3 or a 1/4 of your rent or mortgage? Isn't that good enough? Well it better be, because there are alot of other folks and interests who need your money too.

The long and short of it is; Nancy Pelosi issued a finance package containing both the federal budget AND supposed Chinavirus relief provisions, in truth stuffed with a sickening amount of non-American relief. She does it at the last minute before the government needs to approve financing or shut down. She writes it up in a 5500 page document and gives it to the senate to approve later that day. It contains a pittance for Americans and some of the following enumerated provisions for foreigh countries. The President of course won't sign it, loaded as it is with truckfuls of your tax dollars being sent overseas instead of back to you. He says "give Americans $2000, not 600, so she agrees but won't get rid of the foreign waste money, so he still won't sign it.
The media won't tell you this scenario, they just say that the President ia a mean hateful vindictive racist old man trying to hurt us on his way out. This is a lie, and here are some of the things that the House of Representatives wants to spend our relief money on;

Economic relief payments paid for by you (and retroactively) to illegal aliens who snuck into our country to usurp our resources, also paid for by you, while flaunting our laws, culture and safety.
10 mil for gender equity programs in Pakistan,
Funding for a Horseracing Integrity Commission to prevent race horse doping,
40 mil for the Kennedy Center,
Automobiles for federal HIV workers,
Money for TWO NEW Smithsonian museums, the Women's History museum and the Americqn latino museum,
500 mil for border security in Jordan,
250 mil for border security in Lebanon, Tunisia and Oman,
33 mil for Venezuelan "democracy",
23 mil for Sudan,
10s of millions of $ for recruiting women in to the Afghan army.
500 mil to central America to "fight corruption"
1.3 mil to study if Americans will eat bugs
2 mil to study whether or not hottubs reduce stress
1 mil for a program to reduce patient's fear of dentists
$150,000 to Kenya for art classes
37 mil to Philipines to stop students from playing hookie
3 mil to send Russian students to American community colleges
715 mil to replace lost Syrian rebel training equipment
6 mil to D.C. for bicycle parking
4.5 mil to study the effects of bobcat urine on rats

700 mil to the Sudan
86 mil to Cambodia
1.3 BIL to Egypt
This is not a complete list.

So that's how much you're worth to those in congress who would rather pay for gender equality in Pakistan than help their own American constituents; $600.
Of course it'll save money to reduce 11,000 beds from our prisons and to defund ICE. Those things should up our worth by another nickel or so.

Those things are what you're paying for when you support the current democratic party, and unfortunately they're not EVEN the beginning. President Trump is doing his best to get this bill thrown out and re-written in service to Americans in stead of everyone in the world EXCEPT working Americans. So you don't think $600 will help much? You're right, and you're not the point of this bill. The point of this bill is to establish power for the democrats. It's now going to be a long hard road to get rid of the democrats, the first step is to Vote REPUBLICAN in Georgia next month. Not doing so will sink our ship even faster thqn it's begun to so far. America was foolish not to resoundingly re-elect Trump, life for at least the next 4 years will now be an example of learning things the hard way.

Want to know more about what's going on and how we're being screwed over by our government? Watch Fox news, specifically the Tucker Carlson show. The other stations are lying to you.

Or try looking at the relief bill this way;
Population of the U.S.A.: 328 million.
x $600 = $186,800,000,000, that's $186.8 billion, $600 for every man, woman, and child in America. But the relief bill money is $900 billion, that's 7 TIMES the $186.8 billion. How do you explain that. Here's the explanation; polititians taking advantage of America's misery to spend America's tax dollars on socialist "progressive" programs. There's your science, do the arithmetic. 7x $600 = $4200. And this arithmetic isn't even accurate. The recipient numbers are much lower than 328 mil and the rip-off factor is probably more like 10-14x.Who should be getting that $4200, you or a woman in Pakistan? a syrian regel? Are you happy with the work that your senators and congressmen are doing?

Dec 11, 2020
Here's #1,
If you're paying attention to Big Media, that is to say the national network news, local news shows and social media, and you are not listening to Fox News, then you are being misled, don't know all of the facts and don't have a balanced picture of what's happening. Here are some current examples;

A big chunk of America knows that the recent elections were a sham. The result, a huge multi-state Supreme Court lawsuit aimed at throwing out the rssults of the most blatant state election results. The media is, so far, running the story and attempting to discredit this effort without explaining what the suit is based on, which is all the myriad cases of election fraud and other dishonesties.

The ongoing federal investigation into Hunter Biden's foreign business incomes and related Joe Biden knowledge and profit, network news is generally supressing this news item and the cable stations ore decrying it.
Senate Intellligence Committee member Eric Swalwell's personal relationship with Chinese spy, the media is generally supressing this news item.

Speaking of China, the Socialists and major media intently push the "Russia" threat narrative at every opportunity. The biggest example; the Trump impeachment, was initiated based on Trump having conversation with Ukrainian officals. It's his job to speak with foreign officials, he's President.
Why Russia? to distract from awareness of the real concern; China. The Bidens are involved with China, and big business profits from involvement there, both to the detriment of America. China benefits from these complicities as its goals are ownership and control of America. It's simple and easy to see. The media will act accordingly because they're on the side of big business. You'll hear no reference to the origins of the pandemic, China's human rights record, incursions into the Pacific, Democratic campaign contributions, data-gathering through social media, on and on. The list is exhaustive, and the more you know about China's involvement in America, the more alarmed you should be.
The left, that is to say the rising Socialist Democratic party and their media machine, is about control and imposing their beliefs and vision of America on to its people. It will give to you free of charge what it thinks that you need and will take from you free of compensation what it thinks that you don't. The purpose of socialism is to facilitate the state for the good of the people.

The right, Republicans and with the help of only Fox News, seeks to keep America a place where people can make their future the way they want it without being controlled by the government. The purpose of capitalism is to facilitate the individual.

This is a really simple difference. The truth about what's going on with our country currently is becoming increasingly easy to see. That's because as the current issues come to a head, they're more obvious. The true facts are brought to light, the falsehoods become more obvious, and things more obviously connect together. Just look at the facts and put things together. If one side is presenting facts and details, and the other is not and instead is just downplaying and discrediting, then there's an implication there as to who's more likely telling the truth. Does this strike your heart as true? It is, and you're right.

The Biden laptop story;

Here it is, courtesy of Sky News Australia.
Click here

Says Joe when asked about it; "I have no response"

Update Oct. 20; Kazakstan added to countries who paid junior Biden for access to "The Big Guy".

Update Oct. 21; U.S. Dept. of Justice subpeonas the laptop re/ foreign payments to Bidens during Obama presidency, FBI slow-walking release of laptop emails to Dept. of Justice until after election.
Follow-up investigating from the Tennessee Star:
The role of China Virus in the Socialist party's agenda First of all, let's call a spade a spade, here on out I'm just going to refer to the Democratic party as the Socialists.
(now I've been to some pretty screamin' parties and this one doesn't look like that good, they're such a dour bunch, probably because socialism's not that much fun. By contrast, you listen to Republicans, they generally seem so happy at the prospect of Americanism as the motif for America).

The socialists basically don't want America to get over the virus. As long as there's a virus, the local and state Socialist authorities can keep businesses shut down. This puts everyone on the dole to their local unemployment depertments and Federal $300 China Virus subsistance checks. This keeps everyone beholdin to the government, which is the foundation of the government being able to make people do as they're told.
If you don't believe this then look at the shutdown policies of the Socialist jurisdictions vs. the Republican ones. Notice also that President Trump is pushing for a vaccine and is looking forward to seeing one by the end of the year, The Socialists don't talk about or do anything about getting a vaccine done at all. Joe says that he'll mandate masks nationally once in office, thus further emphasizing the virus. Masks, distancing, handwash, they're all valid but are not to be used to suppress life. We're adults, we can make our own decisions, calling on the assistance of the government as we see fit, which is what the government is for, not to tell us what to do.

Operaton Warp Speed explained.

Joe's losing it;

His cognition is deteriorating by the day. It's no shame to have functional problems, we'll all succumb to them. His wife is letting him go forward because there's no real harm in it for him other that possibly exacerbating a stroke or heart attack. In 1988 he had brain surgury for aneurysms. Sometimes he seems ok, other times he's confused and slow. He says some really ridiculous things and often times can't produce a coherent sentence. He may be getting medications (speed) which can help cognizance for short periods.
If he's elected he'll be replaced by Harris in short order. Harris will execute the Socialist agenda as quickly as she possibly can. If you want America to become a Socialist state then vote for the Socialists.

These are links, check 'em out.

Breaking ranks

Courtesy of The Hill, Sept. 14;
"The former vice president and second lady headed to cast their votes at the New Castle County Board of Elections one day before the scheduled primaries in the state, a reporter traveling with the couple noted"
So Joe photo-ops going to the polls yet the Socialists push the rest of America to vote-by-mail? Why is that?
That's because they didn't catch the inconsistancy in message of showing Joe at the polls. They push vote-by-mail to create a big mess of the election results so that they have an avenue of contention when Trump wins. There are so many things that can go wrong with vote-by-mail that it'll take weeks to straighten out the results. You were sold mail-in voting with fear of China virus. The real reason was to scare you into voting as early as possible before the dirt hit the fan about the Bidens. Joe and his wife themselves went to vote IN PERSON at the polls.

Taking the high road....

On top of his game as usual, Vice President and presidential candidate Joseph R. Biden Jr. addreses attendees at Hispanic Heritage Month convention where he wowed 'em with his taste and sharp wit. I think I counted about 10 people clapping in the audience. Once he found his way to the lectern, a few of them clapped again.

(Update, this is the second video I've had to find to link to, the first one has been taken down by youtube, more tech-censorship.)

Of course he knows what they want to hear right?; Latino folks - latino song, of course. He's got em in the palm of his hand at this point.
Remember his tendency to rub himself on women? Here's a snippet of the lyrics to the song he played:

I want to breathe in your neck slowly
Let me murmur things in your ear
So that you remember if you're not with me
I want to undress you in kisses slowly
Firmly in the walls of your labyrinth
And of your body, I want to create a manusceript
Up, up,
Up, up, up"

But it's in spanish, who would ever know?
Full lyrics:
'Despacito' translation, courtesy Billboard.com

California wildfires;

Lots of dense old dry fuel; big uncontrollable fire.
little, sparce fuel; small controllable fire.

Did I miss anything?

If you're concerned about climate change, forget it. The climate changes, with or without man. Does man affect climate change rates and condition? Certainly. What's the biggest carbon dump into our atmosphere lately? These recent west coast wildfires. We can reduce auto emissions, stop fracking, and build all the windmills you want but as long as we allow big fires then we're really being hypocritical. So emergency priority #1; bring under control the fuel supplies for the fires, it'll make it much easier to resist climate change if that's your goal.


Leftists frame everything in terms of its racist quotient*. Want to see racism go away? STOP MAKING DECISIONS BASED ON RACE. Focusing on recism supports it and keeps it alive by sustaining racial polariztion. Just because you see everything in racist terms doesn't mean that everyone does, and you're no more necessaarily right about things than the rest of the world is. The whole world isn't racist, so quit laying it on everyone. Take responsibility for your life and work to make whqt you want for yourself out of what you have. Let's see, what color was the last President again? We all have the situation of getting what we get, and those with far less than what most of us have have gone much further. Don't sell yourself short. Giving others responsibility for how your life is going takes the power to do something about it AWAY FROM YOU. Want to see racism in action? You're going to see the selection of political candidates by the new democratic administration based on their race. That's racism.

* Calling everyone with whom you disagree "racist" is one of the weak strategies which the Democrats and leftists want to use to succeed in "transforming" American society. The Dems don't have anything constructive to offer and instead only demean, threaten, and destroy. One can also note that it's a common leftocratic practice to accuse their enemies of whatever it is that they're actually doing themselves, so basically you can usually find out what they have going in by listening to what they're accusing others of. Example; "Trump colluding with Russia". Actuality; Hillary selling off America's uranium assets to Russia, WHILE she was Secretary of State!

Diversity - the differences between things

Diversity is the difference between things. If you mix everything together then you no longer have diversity. To maintain diversity, the different things need to be kept separate. Diversity disappears when things of difference are mixed together. Then you end up with homogeneity, no diversity.