Friars Village
1190 Camino Copete,
San Diego, Ca. 92111
858 277 5132
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Friars Village is terraced down the hill of the north bank of Mission Valley, like rows of stadium seats. The odd-addressed units, which are on the south side of the streets in Friars Village, have the front door, garages, and common rooms on the upper level and the bedrooms on the lower level, as shown here.
The even numbered units, on the north side of the street, have the front door and garages on the lower level, and the rest of the home upstairs. The front door opens to an entryway containing stairs up to the home.
The two bedroom end units have the stairway outdoors. Here you can also see the one outdoor parking spot, the roll-aside carport door (with the window-like cutouts), and the garage door, for a total of 3 parking spaces.
Here's a 3 bedroom end unit, which has two garages side by side and the porch and entryway to the front door
Here's an example of what can be done with the space behind the garages. Other owners have excavated further back to create even larger basements than this, fully finished. Excavation and finishing is allowed if done with permits and by licenced contractors.
Here's a candid shot of a garage, down the left side one may be able to make out a door which leads to the under unit space.
A typical view off the balcony of most any of the units. They all have a view more or less like this, due to being staggered down the hillside, though this is from one of the end units with a bit more view than most.
Here's a shot looking up at a couple of the end units from down on Via Las Cumbres.