Creekwood at River Run Condominiums

2202-2238 (even nos.) River Run Drive,
San Diego, Ca. 92108

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Here are some pictures of Creekwood at River Run condo complex. The complex was built in 1986. It's close to shopping and is about 10 minutes away from USD to the west. IKEA, Starbucks, Costco, the San Diego Library, restaurants, to-go places, and many other smaller secondary-sized businesses comprise the Fenton Parkway shopping area across the street to the east.

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Here's a context shot of River Run Condos as taken from the opposite side of Friars Road. The I-805 is shown as it bridges Mission Valley.
Creekwood is bounded on the north by Friars Road and on the south by Rio San Diego Dr. The main entrance is on River Run Dr. which runs perpendicular to and intersects with those two streets. At Friars Road there's a traffic light and at Rio SD there's a 4-way stop sign.
The entrance to the complex is on River Run Dr. and when you pull in you're facing the gym, and passing through that and out the other side you come to the pool.
Here's the pool. To the right you can see a bit of the rear side of the gym.
This is an example of the parking areas. There are a few of them sort of encircling the complex.
This is a clear representation of the structure and unit formatting throughout the complex. The first floor of the buildings is made up of single-level one or two bedroom units.
The second and third floors represent the downstairs and upstairs of townhome-style units. These will be either 2bed/1bath or 2bed/2bath units.
Here are some units as viewed from one of the parking lots.
The stairs you see are going up to the second floor entrances of the townhome style units.
This view shows one of the unusual features of these units. The 3rd floor has an outside door which opens out onto a landing. In some of the units there are outside stairs from that landing down to the 2nd floor landing where the front door is.
This could be useful for someone who lives upstairs and wants an independent entrance. It could also be helpful for moving large things such as furniture up to the third floor.
Here's a nice shot of some of the tasteful landscaping and waterfeatures which adorn the grounds.
This is one of the major patio areas and points of intersection for the various walkways which move from area to area throughout the complex.
Here's one of the little rivers which have been installed at various points within the complex, otherwise they couldn't very well call the complex ''River Run''. Actually the name probably refers to the location's proximity to the San Diego River, which runs through Mission Valley just across Rio San Diego Dr. from the complex.