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Oct. 26; It's not enough that the President conducts 2 or 3 campaign rallys a day as well as conducting usual day-to-day narional business? To fill in his idle time President Trump adds another building block to Middle East Peace.

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Of course this somehow managed to not get the attention of any of the mainstream national news media, as how insignifigant is middle east peace.

Oops, almost forgot, when he got home that evening he hosted the swearing-in of a new Chief Justice. All in a day's work I guess.

Reject a socialist America, vote Trump

Jill the ventriloquist .....

Sadly, there are so many of these that posting them gets boring, but it's a new day and my first posting of these blunders this week for old Joe, and youtube hasn't even taken it down yet. In this one, Jill basically acts as the ventriloquist, tossing him cues none-too-subtley under her breath. She needs to work on her lip movement. Clic the pic >>>>

Reject a socialist America, vote Trump

Hopefully just more pandering.....


The media and deep state are covering up the Biden-Russia/Ukraine/China dealings.

Oct. 24;
Do you support this? It's all spelled out in the laptop emails. Biden is the real Russian operative, and it's consistent with Democrat behaviour, to accuse their opponents of what they're guilty of, it happens over and over, and the Americana people are the pawns in their game. Your purpose for the Democrats is to pay for their social re-ordering and to get in the bread line.
Get a clue, please.

The Biden laptop story;

Here it is, courtesy of Sky News Australia.
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Says Joe when asked about it; "I have no response"

Update Oct. 20; Kazakstan added to countries who paid junior Biden for access to "The Big Guy".

Update Oct. 21; U.S. Dept. of Justice subpeonas the laptop re/ foreign payments to Bidens during Obama presidency, FBI slow-walking release of laptop emails to Dept. of Justice until after election.

Here's what YOU get with the Harris/Biden Socialist ticket;

  • Dissolution of Senate 60% majority rule (the "filibuster" rule)
  • liberal court packing.
  • Repeal Trump tax cuts for all of us.
  • Institution of new taxes on businesses, savings, wealth and retirement funds.
  • Government takeover of your healthcare.
  • Free college education for all; guess who pays for THAT?
  • Open borders.
  • Free healthcare for illegal aliens.
  • Sanctuary cities.
  • Dissolution of Immigration and Customs Enforcement.
  • Taxpayer-funded late-term abortion up to birth.
  • Compulsory unionization of labor.
  • Defund police.
  • No oil or natural gas energy production by 2035.
  • "net zero" agriproduction; no fuels allowed for farm production.
  • Racial quotas in hiring.
  • No bail for criminals.
  • Employers must provide 3 MONTHS of paid med. leave for all employees.
But wait, there's So Much More; just read their gameplan;
Biden-Sanders Unity Task Force Recommendations

Where's BLM now?

Oct. 21; illegal alien w/ criminal record kills policeman,
Click here,
courtesy The Washington Post.

Where's their little riots? Where's their little bullshit signs and their little black outfits? Ain't gonna happen, that's where. #1, Black Lies Matter is all about criminality and doesn't give a shit about Sgt. Harold Preston, 65, who went on the domestic disturbance call. #2, Houston is not a leftist city and won't put up with Bullshit Lies Matter's nonsense. BLM is a bunch of Marxist morons bent on overthrowing America, that's it. The list of black lives who didn't matter is too exaustive to list, I've tried. George Floyd furthered their agenda, Sgt. Harold Preston doesn't. Anything unclear about that?

The role of China Virus in the Socialist party's agenda

First of all, let's call a spade a spade, here on out I'm just going to refer to the Democratic party as the Socialists.
(now I've been to some pretty screamin' parties and this one doesn't look like that good, they're such a dour bunch, probably because socialism's not that much fun. By contrast, you listen to Republicans, they generally seem so happy at the prospect of Americanism as the motif for America).

The socialists basically don't want America to get over the virus. As long as there's a virus, the local and state Socialist authorities can keep businesses shut down. This puts everyone on the dole to their local unemployment depertments and Federal $300 China Virus subsistance checks. This keeps everyone beholdin to the government, which is the foundation of the government being able to make people do as they're told.
If you don't believe this then look at the shutdown policies of the Socialist jurisdictions vs. the Republican ones. Notice also that President Trump is pushing for a vaccine and is looking forward to seeing one by the end of the year, The Socialists don't talk about or do anything about getting a vaccine done at all. Joe says that he'll mandate masks nationally once in office, thus further emphasizing the virus. Masks, distancing, handwash, they're all valid but are not to be used to suppress life. We're adults, we can make our own decisions, calling on the assistance of the government as we see fit, which is what the government is for, not to tell us what to do.

Operaton Warp Speed explained.

Created by Trump, funded by Congress, paid to Big Pharma to get the job done asap.
Explained Here

Joe's losing it;

His cognition is deteriorating by the day. It's no shame to have functional problems, we'll all succumb to them. His wife is letting him go forward because there's no real harm in it for him other that possibly exacerbating a stroke or heart attack. In 1988 he had brain surgury for aneurysms. Sometimes he seems ok, other times he's confused and slow. He says some really ridiculous things and often times can't produce a coherent sentence. He may be getting medications (speed) which can help cognizance for short periods.
If he's elected he'll be replaced by Harris in short order. Harris will execute the Socialist agenda as quickly as she possibly can. If you want America to become a Socialist state then vote for the Socialists.

These are links, check 'em out.

Breaking ranks

Courtesy of The Hill, Sept. 14;
"The former vice president and second lady headed to cast their votes at the New Castle County Board of Elections one day before the scheduled primaries in the state, a reporter traveling with the couple noted"
So Joe photo-ops going to the polls yet the Socialists push the rest of America to vote-by-mail? Why is that?
That's because they didn't catch the inconsistancy in message of showing Joe at the polls. They push vote-by-mail to create a big mess of the election results so that they have an avenue of contention when Trump wins. There are so many things that can go wrong with vote-by-mail that it'll take weeks to straighten out the results. You were sold mail-in voting with fear of China virus. The real reason was to scare you into voting as early as possible before the dirt hit the fan about the Bidens. Joe and his wife themselves went to vote IN PERSON at the polls.

Taking the high road....

On top of his game as usual, Vice President and presidential candidate Joseph R. Biden Jr. addreses attendees at Hispanic Heritage Month convention where he wowed 'em with his taste and sharp wit. I think I counted about 10 people clapping in the audience. Once he found his way to the lectern, a few of them clapped again.

(Update, this is the second video I've had to find to link to, the first one has been taken down by youtube, more tech-censorship.)

Of course he knows what they want to hear right?; Latino folks - latino song, of course. He's got em in the palm of his hand at this point.
Remember his tendency to rub himself on women? Here's a snippet of the lyrics to the song he played:

I want to breathe in your neck slowly
Let me murmur things in your ear
So that you remember if you're not with me
I want to undress you in kisses slowly
Firmly in the walls of your labyrinth
And of your body, I want to create a manusceript
Up, up,
Up, up, up"

But it's in spanish, who would ever know?
Full lyrics:
'Despacito' translation, courtesy

Here's to BlackLivesMatter;

blocking ambulance carrying wounded police officers access to the emergency room and chanting "we hope they die". Video courtesy of Jason Unruhe and youtube;

Now THAT'S a class act, that's your joe voters, that's the world the New Democrats have to offer, that's the scum that old joe refuses to call out because he wants THEIR support at the ballot box (or the mail box, another weak ploy by the Democrats. They know that they're in trouble in November so they want a fall-back by creating confusion about the election results, giving them opportunity to contest the election).

California wildfires;

Lots of dense old dry fuel; big uncontrollable fire.
little, sparce fuel; small controllable fire.

Did I miss anything?

If you're concerned about climate change, forget it. The climate changes, with or without man. Does man affect climate change rates and condition? Certainly. What's the biggest carbon dump into our atmosphere lately? These recent west coast wildfires. We can reduce auto emissions, stop fracking, and build all the windmills you want but as long as we allow fires like what's going on now then we're really being hypocritical. So emergency priority #1; bring under control the fuel supplies for the fires, it'll make it much easier to resist climate change if that's your goal.

Here's to the Socialists...

This is what it's like living in one of the premier bastions of contemporary Democratism and in this unfortunate case, power-amplifying vortex which it is, San Francisco.
Click here for the fun. Warning, really sleazy, hypocritical, sub-ethical conduct, viewer discretion advised

This kind of thing is why the Democratic party really needs to clean (or burn down the) house before they can conscientiously ask for our vote and servitude.

Here, psychologist Dr Karlyn Borysenko gives her experiences and insights...

And then there was the old Russia Sideshow, not exactly the Greatest Show On Earth, designed to keep folks off the trail of what's really at issue, which is not Russia at all but rather China. U.S. Congressman Matt Gaetz put it well, describing that among other reasons, the Democrats have focused on Russia being the issue re/ Trump collusion, election interferance, etc. because they don't want to draw attention to what the problem really is, which is China. Russia is small peanuts compared to China, which country is no friend of ours. China is voting and promoting for Joe because of his China deals. They know that they're never going to come out on top with Trump so they're going with the much easier mark. The Democrats don't want any attention paid to the real and way more substantial potential threats which China represents, and they don't want any attention paid to the dealings which the Democrats want to put in place with China. They don't talk about China at all, and they regularly trot out the Russia fear. You won't hear them mention China. Real clever, you're fooled right?

Riot funding...

Riots take organization and money, it ain't cheap. This Minnesota outfit funds BLM, part along with Antifa of the brown-shirts wing of the New Democratic party, and is the conduit through which the Minnesota riots were/are funded. New Democrat politicians are contributing and soliciting contributions to BLM through this organization. And to quote the outfit's leader; "We don't want no mo police". AOC, Julian Castro and noted celebrity Jimmy Kimmel are some of the individuals soliciting donations from the public to fund the riots via BVC. Read the BVC mission statement, here's their website; and you'll love the cheery video on the "ABOUT" page of their site. Factual info herein provided by Fox News, look it up.
Also check out Reclaim The Block, another of these anarchy funding outfits. i haven't checked these guys out yet, be my guest.

The Democrats are a much bigger threat to America than are the Russians, here's what's going on......

There IS a left wing conspiracy and it is as follows; the left wing conspires to replace our current and heretofore traditional Federalist form of government with socialism. The revised name of such a country would basically be the Union of Socialist States, or something along those lines. With sufficient power and omnipetence, the left will be able to restructure our society so that they can put in place their vision for how everyone should live and how that will be mandated. The left believes that they know how everyone should live, how they should think, how they should behave, and what they should do in order to comply with the left's "new order".

The left is comprised of the Democratic Party, officials of the government within all three branches, external political groups such as BLM and Antifa, social and other electronic media, traditional news media, and certain commercial interests. All of these factions don't neccessarily agree on everything but they forgo their differences for the sake of converging their power to achieve their common goal of wresting America away from Americans. Donald Trump is the biggest most prohibitive thorn in their side and so he's their target and the symbol of their hatred of current America. Donald Trump stands for America and all of its values, and everything that leftists hate; religion, personal rights and freedoms, initiative and eqrning the fruits of one's labor, personal responsibility, rule of law, and personal morals and ethics.

Joe is being touted as the candidate because the left thinks that he's the most electable candidate, even though he's falling apart as we speak. The debates will likely be cancelled "due to China-19 virus". If elected, he'll be pulled out after a few weeks of months for medical or competency reasons. It won't matter, Joe is a vacuous tool with diminishing nuts and bolts and does what he's paid to do, it's been his whole career. Joe as President won't do what he wants, he'll do what the radical leftists in Congress want him to. His VP actually has a true extreme leftist agenda and would make Karl Marx proud when called upon.

Leftists are divisive. Leftist media portrays the news with a tone of fear, anxiety, and uncertainly. Disconcerting, tense music is used on the news programs. Name-calling, defaming their opponents character, derogatory and often false accusations are the common skill. Racism is thrown at everyone with whom they disagree. Truly it's the leftists who are the racists, using race and certain racial groups as weapons in their narrative of playing people against one another, as any behavioral psychology text will describe. Leftists won't tell people what their true goals are because they know that their goals are unpopular and bad. Their goals are not designed to benefit people, they're designed to deliver power to the controlling class who want a society designed to yield benefit for themselves, not for you.

Don't be fooled by the leftists telling you the Donald Trump is a racist, that white people are racists, that television programs and movies and statues and history books and street names and town names and grocery store items and historical figures long-since dead and religions and common words and expressions are racist. Do you think that you're racist? You probably aren't, and you're being played for your fears by those who are trying to find your buttons and push them, in order to get you to snap in line and shout along with the group; "Racist, Racist, Racist", and blame America and Americans for how horrible they are.
If you watch Fox News, pretty much the sole outlet for the truth about what's going on, you'll see that they don't peddle fear, racism, or radical socialist ideas. They tell you all the stuff that you won't hear on the network shows and you'll see just how out-of-balance and fake "big news" is. Take the time to listen up and clue in, your future is worth it. If you believe in order, prosperity, morality, God, family, and well-being, then you've got a choice to make come Nov. 3rd.

Force and Intimidation in Democratic cities;

How do you like watching your cities being destroyed by leftist mobs? Your Democratic mayors allow and condone this destruction. Your Democratic politicians are telling the rioters that it's ok to destroy your cities. These "people" are not protesters, thise events are simply anti-American subversives bent on the destruction of America. They destroy businesses which you patronize or owm. They injure and murder innocent bystanders such as you if you are in the wrong place. They will come for you because you represent the American way of life. You're on their radar and are part of their plan. The riots won't last after the election because the riots are part of Democractic strategy to blame domestic violence on Trump. If Harris is elected President then the riots will stop but you'll lose your way of life. And when the rioters decide that the Democratic party is just more of the same old thing then they'll be back, because they were reassured that violence is a successful and approved way of behavior. Force and intimidation are the strategies of the ultra left, just as they were for the Brown Shirts in Nazi Germany. BLM and Antifa are the Brown Shirts of the New Democratic party.The previous article had some humor written in to it but not this one. This is not funny This is real.

Your Socialist Future;

Won't it be nice when people from any other country anywhere walk in through our border without any sort of admission criteria or security evaluation, register for benefits which you will pay for with money that you earned in order to provide for you and your familes, and which the new Democracy will then give away? So nice, but you're not done yet. You're then going to give the non-American citizens, your new neighbors, more money to provide them with primary and secondary education, because they can't be expected to pay for it if they're not working, can they? Of course not, that's silly. Of course every so often someone gets sick so you can't wait to mail in more taxes on the hours you put in working so that you can pay for their health care, the illness of anyone on the planet is just not ok.

Let's see now; does America have a strong enough economy to support anyone from any country on earth who wants to come and get what you've been working to give them? Probably not, so you better work harder for the same amount of take-home pay, which you'll have to do when Joe raises your taxes as he's promised to do.
Wouldn't it be cool if the countries where all these guests are trying to get the hell out of, and rightfully so, would pitch in to take care of their own people? Well they'd love to of course but they' don't have the economies to do it because of their crappy non-capitalist systems. America should help them by sending all of its jobs to those countries so that their economies get stronger. Heck, let's share the wealth, it's not those countries fault that they can't get their act together is it? Heck, it's our responsibility to take care of them isn't it? Of course. It's a good thing that The New Democracy recognizes this glaring inequity and is ready to right those sinking ships come inaguration time. This business about investing in America has got to stop; how selfish.

When we get back to the business of sending our jobs and production to other countries, we won't have to be bothered with working. But wait a minute; when we're no longer working, we won't be able to pay taxes, but that's ok, the New Democracy will provide for us. But wait a minute, without taxes, where is the New Democracy going to get the money to pay for all this free health care, free education, free housing? We'll just print more money, create increasing inflation, and eventually start reading the Venezuelan instructional bulletins on how to find food, medicine and toilet paper. So the American values of creativity and personal initiative will come in handy. America, it's the place to be. Look what it gave you, look what's being proposed for taking it away from you. You don't think it'll happen? Study up on the New Democracy's star managers, Ocacio-Cortez, Sanders, Pelosi etc. and what they're proposing. It's not pleasant. That's why they don't spend alot of time telling Americans about it. Instead they spend all their time blaming President Trump for the problems which They've created except for China-19 virus which was sent here by China. Real good campaign strategy. By the way, China currently makes most of our medicines, that's handy. That's been pointed out on tv right? CNN maybe? CBS? You of course believe what you're told because it's on tv, and tv wouldn't lie, and neither would the New Democrats as they try to overturn your country and culture, of course not.

There are a lot of interesting things on


Leo Tyrrell has it pretty well synopsized about the rioting;

Obviously the Antifa Lives Matter riots are sustained by those who want the demolition of America, but why is it being permitted? Because these major American cities where the rioting is being condoned are run by Democrats, and they hate Donald Trump. By acknowledging that the riots are bad and must be stopped, they would be agreeing with Donald Trump and they can't do that, so they let it go on, at everyone's expense; yours, mine, the townspeople, taxpayers, business owners, families, homeowners, and children. Everyone suffers because the leftists can't agree with the President.

poor Joe is NOT up to the task

Sept. 16; Oh, my God! Have you seen the recent press interview where he has a list of reporters WHOM HE SHOULD PICK, and they wait to be asked to toss him his softball? Wow.Or where he can't read the prompter and mumbles about bringing it closer, then looks around for his staff and asks "Where are they" on the air? Great.
Or where he refers to the upcoming "Harris-Biden administration? (That's really their plan by the way, it may even happen before the election).
His family really needs to step in and stop the elder abuse. His wife stands there by his side because she's loyal, she's behind him, finishing his sentences, telling him who he's married to, what state he's in. But his grandkids sooner or later will have to stop the humiliation. It's really sad to see. We all will go down hill sooner or later, I'm on the way myself, but I"m not telling the USA that I can lead it through confrontations with the leaders of China, or N. Korea, or of Antifa or BLM. He can't put together a cohesive thought in the course of one sentence, poor guy. Realize though, Joe's saying he's going to raise taxes on American citizens to the tune of 4 Trillion dollars to pay for leftist programs designed to subordinate all of us. And he's said that he's IN FAVOR OF defunding police. Rioting in every major city and he wants to defund police????? And someone would think about voting for the Democratic platform???t


Leftists frame everything in terms of its racist quotient*. Want to see racism go away? STOP FRAMING EVERYTHING IN TERMS OF RACISM. Focusing on recism supports it and keeps it alive by sustaining racial polariztion. Just because you see see everything in racist terms doesn't mean that everyone does, and you're no more necessaarily right about things than the rest of the world is. The whole world isn't racist, so quit laying it on everyone. Take responsibility for your life and work to make whqt you want for yourself out of what you have. Let's see, what color was the last President again? We all have the situation of getting what we get, and those with far less than what most of us have have gone much further. Don't sell yourself short. Giving others responsibility for how your life is going takes the power to do something about it AWAY FROM YOU.

* Calling everyone with whom you disagree "racist" is one of the weak strategies which the Democrats and leftists want to use to succeed in "transforming" American society. The Dems don't have anything constructive to offer and instead only demean, threaten, and destroy. One can also note that it's a common leftocratic practice to accuse their enemies of whatever it is that they're actually doing themselves, so basically you can usually find out what they have going in by listening to what they're accusing others of. Example; "Trump colluding with Russia". Actuality; Hillary selling off America's uranium assets to Russia, WHILE she was Secretary of State!

Kamala Harris

Really, it doesn't matter who the Democrats have put into the race, they were just chosen for their electability. Joe might last a year or so until he's pulled when his Alzheimer's condition becomes too unmanageable, then we'll have a Presidentess of Color, if the voters goof up this November that is. Nonetheless it's interesting to think about who is being touted as the VP candidate; such as
The Filner-Harris deal
and much more recently;
Harris solicits criminal bail funds for rioters, child abusers
courtesy the Daily Caller

Now like I said, Camela is there because the Democrats think that she's the most marketable VP candidate, and they and correspondingly the press are trying to sell her as a moderate, but she's no moderate, she's out there on the socialist far left edge of the Democratic party. And if they get elected you won't be seeing moderation in her or Joe's actions. Here's where she stands;
Full socialized health care, INCLUDING for illegal aliens, raising taxes on the population in order to pay for it.
Supports the green new deal, costing trillions and raising taxes on the population in order to pay for it.
Calls the President "Hitler", offending millions of Jewish Americans, and referring to Immigration and Customs Enforcement as "The Ku Klux Klan"; really?
Blocked release of church records revealing sexual abuse by clergy, after donations to her by the church.
Rated by Govtrack in the 94th percentile left in the range from right to left, and further left than Bernie Sanders.
Americans for Democratic Action gave her perfect score ratings for 2017 and 2018.
In the Senate, she's joined bipartisan bills less than any other Democratic senator.
Radical Democrat Rashida Tlaib, who won't even endorse Joe, endorses Camela.
"Me Too"'d against Justice Kavanaugh but hasn't made a peep about Joe's reputation for mauling women.
After reading many instances of such, she basically just works her opinions, positions, and circumstances to manupulate whomever she's trying to get somewhere with or get something from.

and then there's Joe.........

His racist and condescending remarks about our Black American citizens; "If you're not voting for me then you're not black" is my favorite, or here's (by now far from) the latest;
"Unlike the Afreican-American community, with notable exceptions, the Latino community is an incredibly diverse community, with incredibly different attitudes about different things". And the very next day in another virtual meeting:
"We can build a new administration, and reflects the full diversity of our nation, and the full diversity of Latino communities. Now when I mean full diversity, unlike African-American community and many other communities, you're from everywhere. From Europe, from tipa South America, all the way to our border and all, and, Mexica, and in, in the Caribbean. And different backgrounds, different ethnicities but all Latinos". Joe,,,,,Come on, man.

His unwillingness to criticize BLM and Antifa anti-American initiatives,
His complicity in the promotion of the investigation into a non-existant relationship between President Trump and Russia and subsequent attempt to impeach the President.
That's for starters.

The Democratic strategy for success; cause fear, anxiety, dissatisfaction.

They know that when people are unhappy with how things are, then they vote for a change. It's simple, that's what people will do. That explains why the Democratic mayors and governers let the riots continue in their towns and states when they could well stop them. It's why NBC, CBS, ABC delivers their news in an anxiety-laden manner with tense music in the background. It's why Democratic leaders are discouraging the resumption of school attendance, despite the overwhelming choice of the people to resume. If kids aren't being looked after in school then their parents can't go to work, bad news for families, they'll vote for change.
That's really all the Democrats have going on, their socialist/marxist platform certainly isn't appealing and you KNOW that their candidate is only there because people think that he's less radical-left than his party really is.
By the way, if he's elected then they'll pull him out in a month or two for medical reasons, so take note of who his running mate is, it will be someone much more radical-left. That's why they haven't announced who it is yet.

Tired of arbitrary Chinavirus shut-downs?

These business, gathering, and school shut-downs are politally motivated.
Democratic authorities are trying to keep our society and economy shut down so that they can blame the president and decrease the likelyhood of his re-election
All of these shut-downs are being mandated by Democratic governers and mayors; toke a look at your area and see if that isn't the case.
Republican authorities are allowing people to live and conduct themselves responsibly, Democrats are telling people what they can and can't do.
Supressing social and economic recovery is a consistant political ploy. So is BlackLivesMatter,
So is blaming violence on guns,
So is questioning how the Commander-In-Chief manages his domestic and international intelligence sources ("Did Russia offer bounties on U.S. soldiers?")
So is Democratic governers and mayors allowing rioting and destruction of private and public properties; again, national chaos looks bad for the president but he's repeatedly offered federal assistance to municipalities to stop the violence, Democratic municipalities have consistently refused.

Black Lives Matter-the new Black Panthers.

Black lives don't matter to Black Lives Matter. All that matters to Black Lives Matter is creating chaos and discontent among the gullible in order to gain power for the leftist agenda. Of course George Floyd's life mattered, but to BLM all that he was good for was an excuse to start riots, which for BLM are one step in their true goal, the overthrow of establishment United States. Once they used George Floyd as their battle cry, he served their purpose and they were good-to-go with George Floyd.
What has Black Lies Matter done for his family? have they paid for the family's legal matters? funeral? helped his kids? BLM has a lot of money, don't they owe George's family for his use? Seems only fair.... George's family has a gofundme thing going; search "Official George Floyd Memorial Fund" and contribute. I couldn't find anything about Black Lies Matter helping out, what cruds they are.
Don't hear much about George Floyd anymore? He served his purpose which was to provide a platform from which to push the left's anti-American policies. Here is a partial list of the folks whom BLM seem to have overlooked as well, I guess there are just too many to keep track of; David Dorn, St. Louis Police Captain
James Scurlock, Omaha protester/rioter
Dave Patrick Underwood, Oakland federal law enforcement officer
David McAtee, Louieville small business owner
Chris Beaty, businessman, "Mr. Indianapolis"
Dorian Murrell, shot in Indianapolis riots
Italia Kelly, Davenport protester
Marquis Tousant, Davenport protester
Calvin L. Horton, Minneapolis protests victim
Javar Harrell, murdered by Detroit rioters.
Barry Perkins III, St. Louis, protester
Jorge Gomez, Las Vegas, protester
Jose Gutierrez, Chicago, bystander
Victor Cazarez Jr.murdered by Cicero rioters.
Marvin Franacois, photographer, Kansas, City, Mo.
The list increases, literally every day.

Why didn't they matter so much to Black Lives Matter? Because once they had an excuse named George Floyd, they rode him through every looted shopping district and police staion, and he did a great job for them in his passing. Why bother with acknowledging the others as long as George continued to get the job done. blm is an anti-American subverive organization, funded to the multi-millions by radical-left sponsors, whose only goal if the overthrow of current-day America, and black lives are being left in the dust in their wake. Don't be used by Black Lives Matter.
Where's SomeBlackLivesMatter in the inner cities trying to stop black-on-black violence, where black lives are being lost daily, en masse.
Where's their rewards for information leading to the arrest and conviction of the murderers of numerous LITTLE CHILDREN! like 3-year-old MekhiJames, 13-year-old Amaria Jones, 16-year-old Charles Riley, 17-year-old Ja-Sean Francis, 1-year-old Sincere Gaston,14-year-old Vernado Jones, 7-year-old Natalie Wallace,8-year-old boy, Hoover, Al. or 5-year-old Jordan Allen Jr

Attention Democrats;

Later year we'll be voting President Trump in for a second term. Go ahead and join with your Republican partners in adding your voice and vote to those Americans who recognize who is taking care of the nation, its people, its way of life and its unique status as the greatest nation on earth. Right now the Democratic party has lost its way and is doing nothing to serve those who've heretofore affiliated themselves with it. Your party is completely and terminally absorbed in denial of the result of the last election and with their efforts to destroy President Trump, all to the detriment of the country and to the overwhelming neglect of its constituents.

Trump does more everyday to serve this country than everyone in the current Democratic Party put together, including the communists Newsome, Pelosi, Schumer, AOC and her partners, and saddest of all poor Joe Biden, who if elected will be removed in a few months for health reasons and will cede the presidency to whomever the Democrats will have selected as vice-president for this scheme. If you'll notice, the selected VP will be someone seemingly much more radically socialist than old uncle Joe. They won't be old, they won't be your uncle, but they will be much more radically leftist/socialist and will proceed to do America irrepairable harm over the ensuing presidential term.
Instead of beating their heads against the wall, Democrats should be joining Republicans in serving and respecting the Constitution, working for the public good and standing up for freedom, individual rights and the welfare of all of our citizens. Contrary to what the left-toppled/hobbled national media tries to convince us of day and night 24/7, our President is looking after the nation on the international stage and improving the lives of Americans right here at home across the board, right down to his quarterly habit of donating his entire salary to public service agencies of the government (2nd quarter 2019 salary to U.S. Surgeon General's office).

Efforts to remove the President from office are driven solely by hatred and resentment for his having upset the Democrat's power machine, that's it. There's no high crimes, no misdeameanors, no collusions, only false accusations and investigatins, the perpetrators of which are as you read this being investigated by the Dept. of Justice in the current scandal being referred to as Obamagate. The Democratic Party has no viable presidential candidate and no record of productive work over the past presidential term, only vindictive, anti-American subversion of our institutions through their efforts to get their presidency back into their hands. President Trump will be re-elected. Reasonable, moderate citizens of both parties will come together to support our country, work side-by-side towards Americans doing well and will appreciate having a President who loves his country and has the abilities to do something about it. The point of the two parties is not to conflict with one another, it's to contribute the best aspects of each of them towards the common good. While the current Democratic Party has been spending its efforts in conflict and deterioration, America is moving forward with unprecedented inertia. Add to the growth. Vote for Donald Trump for President and for the rest of the Republican roster so as to get rid of the current leftist/communist office-holders, then go back to work trying to heal your Democratic Party back to what it once was just a short few decades back, the party of Andrew Jackson, FDR, JFK. Help the Democratic Party, help to bring it back to reality and Americanism.
Want to give up having police to call when someone is breaking into your house? Want to allow anyone to walk or fly into your country, neighborhood, home, without any sort of review or accountancy? Want to be told who to go to for healthcare? Want to pay for family support for people who sneak into your country and break your laws? Want to pay for sex-change surguries for felons in prisons? Want to be told what schools your childen will attend? Want to watch your 401K account go down the tubes? Want to wach the same criminals released over and over again, to go out and commit the same crimes, over and over again? Want to see certain racial or sexual sub-groups being given special treatment based on those specifications? See entrepenurial initiative being quashed by destroying 1099 status? See the defunding of the military so as to fund illegal immigrant social programs? Vote Democratic.
Otherwise the choice is pretty clear.

Here are some prominent Democrat's opinions on immigration;

Click here for his opinion
Click here for hers
President Trump is doing exactly what these Democrats suggested, and if you believe in these people then vote for the party which is currently honoring their stated wishes, and it sure isn't the Democrats.

Americans; Vote For Your Country

Trump beat the left in 2016 and the leftocrats can not and have not ever gotten over it. (sidenote; the last democratic presidential candidate just gave up her security clearance in anticipation of the Justice Dept. taking it from her for her mishandling of classified documents, this news just in). Rather than come up with anything constructive in response, they've become more and more frustrated, resentful and hateful, and are now reduced to crying "racist" or "sexist" at everyone they disagree with, and promoting violence against those with whom they disagree. They have nothing good going on, no constuctive agenda, and can only focus on destroying the right, and if successful will destroy our country in the process. They have no rational conversation but rather just attack their opponents with fabricated and baseless emotional accusations. It's really sad. Left to succeed, they will be the end of America as our founding fathers created it. The only remaining and eventual option will be dictatorial socialism. You think political correctness is out of hand now, just wait.
So leftists/socialists/Democrats, if you want socialism and its subsequent anarchy, just go ahead and move to Argentina or Cuba where you'll find life to your liking. Leave America to the Americans. If you want to see the restoration of America's stature on the international stage and continued improvement of well-being for America's citizens at home then vote the Republican ticket, and thereby reject the hate, violence, and lack of pro-American agenda which are characterizing the descent of the left into anarchy, blind hatred and fear of having to put their heads back on straight, the latter apparently being so painful, it's easier to gripe about others than to fix one's self, right?

Diversity - the differences between things

Diversity is the difference between things. If you mix everything together then you no longer have diversity. To maintain diversity, the different things need to be kept separate. Diversity disappears when things of difference are mixed together. Then you end up with homogeneity, no diversity.
DataQuick through their site provides statistical information (among other things) regarding sales in this area for the past month and in comparison to a year ago. For sales trends by zipcode for detached homes and/or condominiums, see the San Diego Union Tribune Zip Code Chart

Articles this page

Distressed homeownership resources Discounted appliances
9 Reasons to buy now Battery recycling
Credit recovery after foreclosure San Diego water conservation 2015

Water heater service recommendation.

''Hi from Bruce. We still love the house. The yard is a lot of work and a lot of weeds, but we still love it. Rochelle planted a lot of vegetables. The chard did so well that she needed to cut it down because it was taking over too much. Then when it grew back, it got aphids. The tomatoes got slugs. We just got some apples off the tree. They tasted great, but they were a lot of money for those six little apples.''

''It turns out that our water heater was 20 years old. We just bought a new water heater. Wow, everything is so expensive now. Anyway, I thought this would be a good one to add to your website since water heaters could be a big concern for homeowners. Let me know if it gets added. I am smiling already just thinking of it.''

Fast Water Heater, 1-800-think-fast,
275 N Marshall Ave, El Cajon, CA 92020
(619) 442-5050

''We bought the water heater at Sears, and the sales clerk chose FAST for our installation, as they always give good service for her customers. Everyone there was friendly. They arrived EARLY after calling to ask if it was okay to start early. Chad was our installer. He explained everything he needed to do based on ''Code'' and gave us options all along the way. Everyone went the extra distance to make us happy. I would give them highest marks and I would not deal with anyone else for my water heater needs.''

Discounted appliances.

Oftentimes a home seller will offer a home warranty plan as part of the deal in the selling of a home. These plans typically guarantee some amount of service and cost coverage in the event of failure of the newly purchased home's appliances, air conditioner, heater, plumbing, roof, whatever was covered in the home warranty plan policy. American Home Shield, one home warranty policy provider company, offers fair discounts on kitchen appliances to those who have attained one of their home warranty policies. Policy holders might by buyers who wrote in that the AHS policy be provided by the seller as part of the sale, or sellers who buy a seller's policy to cover their home during the sale period.

See this PDF entitled AHSappliance.pdf for more information.

Distressed Homeownership Resources.

In this section I'll list different articles, programs and options pertaining to mortgage assistance, re-negotiation, etc.

#1: The U.S. Treasury Department has approved CALHFA's plan to use nearly 2 billion dollars in federal funding to help California families who are struggling to pay their mortgages.

#2: Fannie Mae's site isKnow Your, a general homeowner and buyer assistance site which includes a free, interactive multi-media tool designed to educate homeowners about their options to avoid foreclosure, empower them to make informed decisions and motivate them to take action and seek help in 2015.
This site explains the options of Refinancing, Repayment Plan, Forebearance, Modification, and Deed-for Lease.

9 Reasons To Buy Now.

1. Prices are good.
2. Mortgages rates are low.
3. Loan requirements are softening.
4. FHA loans make it easier for 1st timers.
5. Buying around the holidays lessens competition.
6. Rates will rise (5.1% by 2016?).
7. Inventory will decrease.
8. Buying can be cheaper than renting.
9. You invest in yourself and build up equity.

For some elaboration on these points, take a look at the article entitled ''NINE REASONS TO BUY A HOUSE RIGHT NOW' , courtesy of REALTY TIMES®.

Where to recycle/dispose of various sorts of batteries.

Jan 20, 2011

I've bought a C/D/AA/AAA charger and a 9v. charger and have rechargeable batteries of all of those types. You can use them with abandon, leave their devices on until they're dead as doornails, and then just take the batteries out and recharge them. Once you buy the rechargeables it will be years before you'll have to buy anymore. Use rechargeables, save money, save the planet. Buy American-made goods wherever and whenever possible, save our country, be patriotic, quit supporting countries which push drugs and usurp human rights. Go on the internet, find American companies, call them up and ask them where their stuff is from.

This link is for city of San Diego:

At the bottom of this City of San Diego page there are remarks about where non-San Diego City residents can dispose of their batteries.

Credit recovery after distressed sale

Sept 16, 2010

I. Conventional (Fannie Mae/Freddie Mac) guidelines have changed with respect to obtaining a new mortgage after a bankruptcy, pre-foreclosure/short sale or full foreclosure.The major change is that if the client has had a full foreclosure (not a short sale or deed in-lieu), they may not obtain a new conventional loan for 7 years.If the borrower can prove extenuating circumstances, they may be able to obtain a new mortgage in 3 years.
Here are the full details:

Conventional Derogatory Credit Updates

Effective for new registrations on or after September 10, 2010, the requirements for re-established credit after a bankruptcy, foreclosure, pre-foreclosure, deed-in-lieu, or short sale have been updated to align with GSE requirements and current market conditions. These guidelines will apply to all conforming loans. Non-conforming loans will follow these guidelines unless stated differently within the product description.

Chapter 13 Bankruptcy:

Chapter 13 Bankruptcy guidelines are being enhanced to allow a recovery period of 2 years after a dismissal or discharge when extenuating circumstances are documented. Previously, there was no reduced recovery period for extenuating circumstances.

Pre-Foreclosure / Short Sale / Deed-in-Lieu of Foreclosure:

Enhanced guidelines for pre-foreclosure, short sale, and deed-in-lieu of foreclosure now allow a shorter recovery period based on the Loan-to-Value ratio (LTV) of the loan. Previously, a deed-in-lieu required a recovery period of 4 years.


Foreclosure guidelines have been updated to reflect the requirement for a full 7-year recovery period. Previous guidelines allowed a 5-year recovery period. The recovery period with documented extenuating circumstances remains unchanged at 3 years. For help and expertise re/ foreclosure recovery call:
Anthony Madruga
First Capital Mortgage
619-296-9055 - Office
619-807-4584 - Cell
619-296-5831 - Fax Š

Bankruptcy, Foreclosure, and Short Sale and the Impact on a FICO Score

What is a FICO Score?
A FICO score is a number representing the creditworthiness of a person or the likelihood that person will pay his or her debts. The three credit reporting agencies, Equifax, Experian, and TransUnion, collect data about consumers in order to compile credit reports. The credit agencies use FICO software to generate FICO scores, which are then sold to lenders. Actually FICO is just one of the several credit scoring systems available. The Fair Isaac Corporation (known as FICO) created the first credit scoring system in 1958. Others are NextGen, VantageScore, and the CE Score. They all evaluate the creditworthiness of a borrower. However, FICO appears to be the most-used credit scoring system. A FICO score is between 300 and 850. The higher the score, the better the credit.
Each consumer has three credit scores at any given time for any given scoring model because the three credit agencies have their own databases, gather reports from different creditors, and receive information from creditors at different times.

What factors go into determining a FICO score?
Credit scores are designed to measure the risk of default by taking into account various factors in a person's financial history. Although the exact formulas for calculating credit scores are closely-guarded secrets, FICO has disclosed the following components and the approximate weighted contribution of each:
35% -- Payment History - Late payments on bills, such as a mortgage, credit card or automobile loan, can cause a consumer's FICO score to drop. Paying bills as agreed over time will improve a consumer's FICO score.
30% -- Credit Utilization - The ratio of current revolving debt (such as credit card balances) to the total available revolving credit (credit limits). Consumers can improve their FICO scores by paying off debt and lowering their utilization ratio. The closing of existing revolving accounts will typically adversely affect this ratio and therefore have a negative impact on the FICO score.
15% -- Length of Credit History - As a consumer's credit history ages, assuming the consumer pays his or her bills, it can have a positive impact on the FICO score.
10% --Types of Credit Used (installment, revolving, consumer finance) - Consumers can benefit by having a history of managing different types of credit.
10%---Recent search for credit and/or amount of credit obtained recently - Multiple credit inquiries for a consumer seeking to open new credit, such as credit cards, retail store accounts, and personal loans, can hurt an individual's score. Applying for lots of new credit in a short period of time is also viewed as risky and can cause a drop in an individual's score. However, persons shopping for a mortgage or auto loan over a short period will likely not experience a decrease in their scores as a result of these types of inquiries. (Source:

How does a mortgage modification affect my FICO score?
FICOš credit scores are calculated from the information in consumer credit reports. Whether a loan modification affects the borrower's FICO score depends on whether and how the lender chooses to report the event to the credit bureau, as well as on the person's overall credit profile. If a lender indicates to a credit bureau that the consumer has not made payments on a mortgage as originally agreed, that information on the consumer's credit report could cause the consumer's FICO score to decrease or it could have little to no impact on the score. (Source:

How does a bankruptcy affect my FICO score?
A bankruptcy is considered a very negative event regardless of the type. A bankruptcy is factored into your FICOš score until it is removed from your credit report. As long as the bankruptcy is listed on your credit report, it will be factored into your score. If you are considering bankruptcy as an alternative to foreclosure, keep in mind that it may have a greater impact on your FICO score. Typically, you can expect bankruptcies to remain on your credit report, from the date filed, as follows:
(1) Chapter 11 and Chapter 7 bankruptcies up to 10 years.
(2) Completed Chapter 13 bankruptcies up to 7 years.
These time periods refer to the public record item associated with filing for bankruptcy. All of the individual accounts included in the bankruptcy should be removed from your credit report after 7 years. (Source:
If you plan to file a bankruptcy, here are some things you should do to make sure your creditors are accurately reporting the bankruptcy filing:
(1) Check your credit report to ensure that accounts that were not part of the bankruptcy filing are not being reported with a bankruptcy status.
(2) Make sure your bankruptcy is removed as soon as it is eligible to be ''purged'' from your credit report.
. After a bankruptcy has been filed, the sooner you begin re-establishing credit in good standing, the sooner you can expect your FICO score to rebound. A good practice is to obtain a secured credit card and continually make all of your payments on time. As time passes and the impact of the bankruptcy lessens, you might apply for a traditional credit card and also continually make all of your payments on time. (Source:

How does a short sale, deed-in-lieu-of foreclosure. or a foreclosure affect my FICO score?
The alternatives to foreclosure, such as a deed-in-lieu of foreclosure or a short sale, aren't any better as far as a FICO score is concerned.
The common alternatives to foreclosure, such as short sales, and deeds-in-lieu of foreclosure are all ''not paid as agreed'' accounts, and considered the same by your FICO score. This is not to say that these may not be better options for you from a financial or tax perspective, just that they will be considered no better or worse for your FICO score.
If you are considering bankruptcy as an alternative to foreclosure, that may have a greater impact on your FICO score. While a foreclosure is a single account that you default on, declaring bankruptcy has the opportunity to affect multiple accounts and therefore has potential to have a greater negative impact on your FICO score. (Source:

What won't affect my FICO score?
The following information is not considered by the FICO scoring formula:
. Your race, color, religion, national origin, sex, or marital status
. Your age
. Your salary, occupation, title, employer, date employed, or employment history
. Where you live
. Any interest rate being charged on a particular credit card or other account
. Certain types of inquiries (such as promotional, account review, insurance or employment-related inquiries)
. Credit counseling
. Any information not found in your credit report
. Any information that is not proven to be predictive of future credit performance

Where can I get more information?
This article is just one of the many legal publications and services offered by C.A.R. to its members. For a complete listing of C.A.R.'s legal products and services, please visit C.A.R. Online at

San Diego water conservation


Jerry Brown, dba the State of California, has recently passed some bills designed to conserve water during these times of drought, and in response the City of San Diego has put into effect as of June 1, 2015 their mandatory water rationing plan, so it might be worth it to look into non-traditional, water-wise landscaping.

or AstroTurf!

Here's the link to the city's general page about water use within City S.D limits.,
and another page with the particulars of the new restrictions for city residents

The San Diego County Water Authority (SDCWA) offers a number of water-wise incentives and programs for homeowners.
CLICK HERE for more information.